The Odyssey : Missing, Presumed Dead by Simon Armitage
Directed by Nick Bagnall
Lighting design by Mike Robertson
Liverpool Everyman Theatre / Shakespeare’s Globe / ETT
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Photographs: Gary Calton

The Guardian ★★★★
 “A timely modern political drama…Fascinating”

The Stage ★★★★

“... Signe Beckmann’s elliptical set proclaims Greek drama from the moment we enter the auditorium, and affords a balancing act for Odysseus and his crew on-board ship...tremendous theatre, leaving a bold image imprinted on the mind.”

The Times ★★★★

“Genius…funny and full of surprises”

The Observer ★★★

“... Signe Beckmann’s beautiful wood design, made up of resin-coloured geometric shapes, serves both ancient and modern.

Liverpool Echo ★★★★
“The present and past bleed into each other, sometimes existing simultaneously on designer Signe Beckmann’s evocative set, simple but clever, where a slice of gimbal staging pitches and tilts to replicate the motion of a ship...There’s a salty tang in the air, and sand between the toes.

British Theatre Guide
“Of particular note are the rather ingenious steps which effortlessly transform into the creaking prow of a longboat replete with mast and oars.“