The Damned United by Anders Lustgarten
Directed by Rod Dixon
Lighting design by Tim Skelly
Projection design by Nina Dunn
West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds / Red Ladder Theatre Company
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Photographs: Malcolm Johnson

The Yorkshire Post ★★★★

“Brian Clough’s short-lived and stormy tenure as manager of Leeds United in 1974 is brought to the stage by Red Ladder in a cracking new adaptation of David Peace’s novel by playwright Anders Lustgarten... a beautifully crafted and imaginative piece of theatre...Interspersed with the central narrative are flashbacks to Clough and Taylor’s glory days at Derby County, with the grace, physicality and drama of ‘the beautiful game’ powerfully conveyed through the balletic movement of an ensemble of masked footballers...”

The Times ★★★★

“There is something Shakespearean about the Brian Clough we see flailing and fulminating in his 44 days in charge of Leeds United in this first stage version of David Peace’s novel... It’s a damnably entertaining 90 minutes, no half-time.”

The Guardian ★★★

“...ingeniously staged by Rod Dixon, with an 11-strong ensemble capturing the rhythms of the game and a group of mannequins standing in for the resentfully taciturn Leeds squad.”

North West End

“..Signe Beckmann’s simple dim staging combining visuals and soundscapes, arranged by Isobel Waller-Bridge and Nina Dunn, aids the narration... The Damned United throughout is ingenious and eye opening. A must see whether one is a football fan or not.”