Directed by Donnacadh O’Briain
Lighting design by Ben Ormerod
Venue, set and costume design by Signe Beckmann
Pleasance Courtyard & Assembly Gardens, Edinburgh.

Photographs: Signe Beckmann

Financial Times ★★★★ 


"The Set is indeed brilliantly thought out, and unlike anything I have seen before at the is hard not to be amazed by the incredible concept that is worthy of the turner prize."

Fest ★★★ 

"The feeling of watching but not being watched acts as a novel dramaturgical device, engendering feelings of claustrophobia and seediness that are ripe for aesthetic manipulation.... such original site-specific staging"

Scotsgay ★★★★ 

"As one approaches the gargantuan black latex shrouded box that Peep inhabits, we are overcome by a salacious sense of bawdy excitement. Each audience member is treated to an individual peep hatch, where we put on headphones and sit back and enjoy the show. Already a unique backdrop has been set... This plot is a feat of magic, unfurling like the tiniest origami that unfolds into a beautiful, sensuous creature that captures the audience immediately. Warning: Peep is addictive!"

New Statesman

“It is immaculately directed, production values are clearly very high and the voyeuristic effect works uncomfortably well.”

Fringe Review - Recommended Show

“Step in line for a PEEP show, and you are led into a private viewing booth where you don a pair of headphones and peer through a one-way mirror into the private lives contained within. You can see the performers but they can’t see you, and you can’t see any of the other audience members, and they can’t see you. It’s all very anonymous. And it transforms the theatre-going experience.”

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