King Ubu by Alfred Jarry in an adaptation by Lotte Faarup.
Directed by Lotte Faarup. Lighting design by Jeppe Lawaetz.
Takkelloftet, The Opera House, Copenhagen.
★★★★★ Jyllandsposten, Henrik Lyding, 13.11.07
“Pshit! Well, then it´s said. The most famous word in the french dramatists Alfred Jarry´s absurd and scandalous war-, tyrant- and egoistic-satirical drama from 1896. Staged by the children-theatre-ensemble Corona La Balance´s eminent sense for live images. Two fat males are stomping along, humping and greedily farting, as father and mother Ubu, around a filthy toilet on wheels, and when war breaks lose, they shoot with loo-rolls - some of them used! Exactly as the lines, which are full of latrinary expressions. 
Children´s theatre´s play with illusion and reality fits in perfectly with Ubu´s strange world. At times it is harsh farce, other times they talk directly to us or are changing their eminently ugly costumes, which maintains the illusion and at the same time demontrate, that it´s “just” theatre, performed in full light. Baroque and grotesque - and understandable. Like a fairytale of the real ugly ones.”

★★★★★ Berlingske, Jakob Steen Olsen, 15.11.07
“King Ubu concures all.”
“With the toilet-brush as weapon and the flying-helmet well down over the ears, Jan Overgaard Mogensen is at times a tyrannical shouting monkey and a mad dog, at other times a calculating, smirking opportunist as the bastart Ubu, who´s throne and warrior-horse is a filthy toilet on wheels. With Øjvind Kirchhoff playing almost all of the other characters - from the greasy Mother Ubu, with the swinging and low hanging breasts and the nicotine-coloured wig, to all the members of the nearly extinguised royal family - all at the same time!! The means are simple in this roughly cut and yet refined, musical and physical piece of theatre, which has simplicity as it´s main accet. As when Ubu is at war and is bombarded by a cascade of toilet-rolls. What else?”

Nominated for a “Reumert” as best children show of the year, 2007.
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