Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
The Royal Opera House, Copenhagen

Directed by Aniara Amos
Conducted by Lars Ulrik Mortensen / Benjamin Bayl
Set design by Alex Eales 
Costume design by Signe Beckmann
Lighting design by Ulrik Gad
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Børsen ★★★★★
“Exciting and fresh new interpretation...The Chiliean director Aniara Amos has an ear for what happens in the music. This is clear in her direction, which is liberated of any of the usual clichés you often see in opera...The cast are all excellent...The whole show is a joy.”

Århus Stifttidende ★★★★★
“One has got to be very excited when The Royal Opera presents a new production with a selection of the best singers, as well as Concerto Copenhagen with Lars Ulrik Mortensen conducting. The cast sing and act excellently, provocatively and with great humour, and at the same time with danger, enchantment and great sweetness.”

Kultunaut ★★★★★
“Don Juan is like a wild orkan”

Photographs: Miklos Szabo